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About the company

Kaizen Automation Indonesia was established in May 5th 2015 and situated at Ganesha Boulevard Street Ruko Redwood B-35, Deltamas-Cikarang 17530, West Java, Indonesia.


Our Engineers, supported with design mechanic, design electric and programming software facilities and evaluate all of our products. We have our own facilities to manufacture the products and we are supported by audited vendors and/or other manufacturers, producing on scheduled Quality Products to satisfy the customers.


  • To provide high quality products and services continuosly, being on time and meet consumer needs.
  • Developing a competent employee to create a good working environment to achieve the customer satisfaction.
  • Creating sustainable long-term benefit in the relationship between the company and the entire business partners
  • Develop a healthy company operating system in every aspects, such as regulatory compliance , environmetal and others.

To be a leading automation industry company, by build a contracting company that prioritizes quality and cooperation, providing employee welfare, and always maintain the best service to the consumers.
What We Do

Our engineering teams will work within your budget for producing true value as a result for your production line. Factory Acceptance  Testing is our standard procedure before delivering our products and service to guarantee the finest integrity among of design, fabrication, installation and programming.